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Liquipel and Sparkhouse Create First Commercial Entirely Shot on Apple iPhone 5s
Submitted October 10, 2012 by Fly Jet Sports

Sparkhouse Strategic Brand Films team with Extreme Water Sports Company and a Water Protective Coating Developer to create the first ever commercial shot entirely with watersafe™ Apple iPhone 5s.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2012

Sparkhouse Strategic Brand Films, a video production and marketing studio, teamed up with Liquipel™ and Fly Jet Sports to create the first commercial shot entirely on Apple’s new iPhone 5.

Filmed in the backbay of Newport Beach, the Sparkhouse team used iPhone 5s protected by Liquipel’s Level 3 watersafe™ coating to create the commercial. A coated iPhone 5 was attached to a Fly Jet Sports FlyBoard®, a water sports apparatus providing underwater and airborne propulsion capable of levitating the wakeboard-like Flyboard® up to 30 feet in the air. Additional footage was captured by cameramen armed with additional Liquipeled iPhone 5s in the water underneath the board, on the shore, and on a jet ski.
Check out the Behind the Scenes video here.

“Thanks to Liquipel’s watersafe™ coating, we were able to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s small size and versatility without worrying about the iPhones getting wet,” said Torrey Tayenaka, Founder/CEO of Sparkhouse. “The result was a beautiful and dynamic commercial really showcasing the exciting new water sport.”

Orange County based Liquipel™ developed a revolutionary process that applies its watersafe™ coating to electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. Fly Jet Sports is an Orange County based dealer and distributor of extreme water sports equipment as well as an instructional center for the FlyBoard®.

About Sparkhouse Strategic Brand Films
Sparkhouse Strategic Brand Films is a youthful Newport Beach, California-based video production and marketing studio. Fusing the art of filmmaking with an intuitive grasp of the digital world, the studio creates branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and innovation. For more information, please visit Sparkhouse's Website

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